Water Restrictions

Planning to visit Cape Town and the Western Cape?
Come and enjoy, but be mindful of the drought

Come enjoy….

Cape Town and the Western Cape are open for business in spite of the current drought. Visitors are arriving in a place with a significant
breadth and depth of experiences and exceptional beauty. However, as beautiful as it is, the Western Cape is a water-scarce part of the
world (much like Southern California and Western Australia) and is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and is susceptible to
periodic droughts.

At present the Western Cape is experiencing a significant drought. This is a 1 in 1000-year occurrence. To counter the short-term
effects of the drought and the possibility of running out of water, the City has put in place a number of initiatives to increase the supply
of water and make provision for extreme water shortages.

There are still many places across the Western Cape that are not as severely affected by the drought such as the nearby Garden Route
and the Cape Overberg.

…but be mindful

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Century City

Century City is very fortunate to have the use of recycled water from the Potsdam Waterworks for all the irrigation of common areas in our precinct. This recycled water is pumped to Century City via our own private pipeline laid by the original developer. Not only does this help us keep our precinct lush and green but it also has the double benefit of reducing the amount of grey water that has to be pumped into the rivers, vleis and the sea.

A number of new builds at Century City, including many of the Green Star-rated buildings, have been plumbed to use this non-potable water to flush their toilets among other things. We will continue to explore other opportunities where this recycled water can be used to reduce our use of potable water.

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