Note to Delegates

  • Cape is town is in a drought – please try to save water.
  • The tap water is safe to drink, however, bottled water and bottle refill stations are provided,
  • Shower rather than use the bath.
  • Weather can be cold and wet or warm and dry – bring warm clothes.
  • Conference centre has a 5km walking or running route through a local bird wetland reserve. Starts at the hotel – ask at reception for details.
  • Nearby (50m) from venue a Virgin active gymnasium is available for use but is an additional cost (R180/ visit = $15)
  • Main hotel offers wine tasting from a range of 250 local wines.
  • A representative from Cape Tourism will be on site to assist with any visits and info (etc.)
  • A bus runs every 30 Minutes to the Waterfront Complex – one of the largest tourist attractions in Africa.
  • The Canal Walk shopping complex is 100m from the conference centre and offers 400 shops of many types.
  • The conference organiser is Tourvest and will be on site to assist throughout the conference.
  • All speaker gifts are made locally. While some gifts are reserved for speakers; there are many others available for sale at the Gift Exhibition Booth, feel free to browse at what they have.
  • The City of Cape Town has 5 stands at the Expo; they are rotating the exhibitions on Tuesday to allow more local SA water saving companies to exhibit their products.
  • Please visit them twice to make sure you see all the exhibitions.
  • There is no malaria or yellow fever in the Cape.
  • Exercise normal caution when taking cash from the cash line machine. There is a banking section in the nearby Canal Walk mall. The banks are open at 8am to 4 pm daily(??) and cash line machines are open 24hours.
    Current exchange rates will be around
    Sell ±     Buy ±
    US $1 = R11.50 to R12.50
    UK £1 = R16.50 to R17.50
    Euro 1 = R14 to R15
    The normal margin on buying and selling of currency in SA is about 5% above or below the SPOT or MID rate. Avoid changing cash at the airport as the banks give better rates.
  • If renting a car – make sure you can use diesel or petrol as indicated.
  • Tipping: In SA tipping is normal and a 10% tip is the norm for good service at a restaurant or tour. If service is not good – don’t tip.
  • Ubers are available. Typical costs from Century City are
    • Century City to Cape Town CBD –
    • Century City to Waterfront –
    • Century City to Airport –

Note to Speakers

  • A timer will be set at 16 minutes for each presenter- a second one is being used by the session chair. Press the “STOP” button before it sounds the alarm and finish up.
  • If you are happy for your presentation to be included on web site- please provide a PDF of what you presented.
  • Try to have no more than 20 words on each slide- rather use bullet points and talk about each point – instead of reading from the slide.
  • Use pictures and not words if possible.
  • Use clear large text and include blank lines between bullets to make it easier to read.
  • Use dark text on light background or vice versa. Don’t select a background that goes from light to dark- select one or the other.
  • Speakers will receive a voucher that can be redeemed for a gift at the Expo Booth.
  • Test any video links beforehand to make sure they work.
  • All presentations must be loaded by the technician (one per room) in the room before the session – you can load for the mid-morning and afternoon sessions first thing in the morning but priority will be given to the papers first up. So please be patient if others are trying to load their presentations and they are you before you.
  • Each presentation has a reference number X. Y. Z
    X = Hall A, B or C
    Y = Day 1, 2 or 3
    Z = Slot number 1 to 12
    Example: 7th presentation on day 2 in hall B = B. 2. 7
    Please try to name your presentation accordingly. (e.g.) B-2-7. Ppt you can include your name if you wish (e.g.) B-2-7-Mackenzie.Ppt.
  • 20 Minutes per slot which includes introduction + presentation + questions – strictly managed due to parallel sessions.
  • Recommended presenters aim for 15 minutes to allow time for a question or 2 – if you use full 20 minutes, no questions.
  • Presenters clear and simple – no time to explain complete equations etc
    • Try to get over 3 or 4 key points – take-aways!
  • Do not market product – keep to generic concepts – marketing pitches eligible for the “Marketing prize” at the Gala Dinner
  • All Presentations will be assessed by member(s) of the Scientific Committee and rated out of 10 on the following
    • Relevance to IWA Waterloss Specialist Group
    • Quality of slides
    • Quality of presentation
    • Was the presentation a marketing pitch?


MyCity Bus

The MyCity Bus route includes the Century City precinct – please see below the route map, as well as information on their site,

MyCity Bus